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Love for the product, passion for cooking. Enjoy a unique culinary experience.

The product


La Villa restaurant is a unique gastronomic experience, where the freshness and quality of the products are the most important pillar. We are proud to point out that everything is homemade, using only fresh and seasonal ingredients from carefully selected local and national suppliers.

The restaurant’s kitchen team, headed by our chefs Curro Leal, Emilio Carmona and Miguel Bonachera, strives to maintain a perfect balance between the flavours and textures of each ingredient, ensuring that every bite is a unique and memorable experience.

In addition, our menu seeks to break with seasonality, taking advantage of the seasonality of each product to prepare our dishes, offering new dishes and variants only available on specific occasions.

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The elaboration


Gastronomía, verduras

raw materials

Fresh, quality, seasonal produce. Only from carefully selected local and national suppliers, and from sustainable fishing and livestock farming.

Placas Solares

conservation and

Strict care, packaging and refrigeration of all products with daily control, as well as in the handling and classification of foodstuffs, preserving their qualities and avoiding cross-contamination.

Elaboración del emplatado Restaurante La Villa

cooking with

Our kitchen team, as well as having experience in restaurants of great national and international prestige, express their love of cooking in every detail of our dishes.

Presentación de plato Restaurante La Villa

plating and

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Texture, smell, taste and presentation are “one” in every dish at La Villa. Dishes that awaken sensations from the moment they arrive at your table.

Detalle de emplatado Restaurante La Villa, Agua Amarga
Citricos Restaurante La Villa

The details


At La Villa restaurant, every detail is important. From the sourcing of the raw materials and their subsequent processing, to the way we deal with our customers. The elaboration of preparations, sauces and products is always carried out in the restaurant itself, where each step is carefully supervised by culinary experts.

The presentation of the dishes is exquisite and is carried out with the utmost care, with meticulous attention to every detail, from the choice of the right plates and cutlery to the decoration of the tables. Cleanliness and hygiene are a priority at all times, ensuring a safe and pleasant environment for diners.

In addition, at La Villa, each client receives a personalised and friendly service, making them feel at home. The service team is highly trained to guarantee an unforgettable experience for each and every client, attending to their every need and ensuring that they feel comfortable and satisfied throughout their stay.

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